who we are

Jigsaw Creative Care Limited is an organization that provides support and housing options to people with complex and specialist support needs. We are a family business that has been operating since January 1996. We work in partnership with:

  • The Golden Planet Project
  • Woods & Carlisle LLP

We provide support to people with complex and specialist needs such as autistic spectrum disorders, mental health needs, Huntington’s Disease, acquired brain injury etc.

We have been successfully supporting people to live lives of their choosing for more than 13 years. For this reason we provide services and housing in the community as well as access the wider community facilities and networks. We have developed and will continue to develop other opportunities designed around the diversity, strengths and needs of the people we support.

We aim to provide creative and innovative support services and opportunities and through this be recognized as a service provider that enables and empowers people through the provision of well-managed services and staff. We have always involved the people who use our services in the day to day running of our business and we will continue to build on and develop these opportunities through partnership working with The Golden Planet Project and Woods & Carlisle LLP.

Whilst we are a private company we have a strong set of ethics and convictions in term of subscribing to the principles of best value by operating a sound business that aspires to the highest ideals in all areas of its activities. We have a strong commitment to incorporating and meeting environmental targets as individuals and a community and a policy of reinvesting profits into supporting local charities and reinvesting in opportunities for the people we support.

We have a high commitment to developing partnership-working opportunities that enable us, or others, to develop high quality housing and support option designed with our target groups in mind.

We provide specialist support to both adults and children. We support children in school when additional specialist support is required. We are able to respond in emergencies and provide support to children and their families when they are in need of support during a period of crisis, problem behaviour or situation such as exclusion from school.

We are able to arrange support and accommodation together or separately. Our supported living schemes enable people to hold their own tenancies, enjoying the full rights and entitlements of citizenship by providing specialist support to achieve this. People living in our supported living schemes enjoy the benefits of support from well trained, suitably skilled, trained and managed workers who are able to empower and enable people to fulfil their potential and enjoy fulfilling lives that reflect their choices, special interests, uniqueness and diversity.

We have enjoyed particular success in rehabilitating people back into their community and into roles that are recognised and valued.

We are justifiably proud of our high calibre workforce committed to the people they serve and the business itself. We have a great record of staff retention and invest profits in rewarding excellent performance.