supported living

Jigsaw Creative Care really supports the concept of Supported Living Schemes and has seen the evident pride of people living in houses where they are the Tenant. Living in your own home with support is a life affirming experience whereas living in a residential care home is disempowering and living in an institution identifies you as “in need of care”.

All of us value our right to live in our own homes and be master of our own destinies. Few of us would enjoy living in an institution as part of our every day life. People with complex and challenging needs have the same rights as the rest of society and should have the opportunity of living in their own homes rather than in a Care Home.

When an individual holds their own Tenancy it sets the scene for workers and others. Workers have to understand they are working for the person in their own home and should not impose their own standards or preferences. Their role is to support, guide and encourage the person and intervention should only be necessary where a serious risk exists or an issue has been identified, in the best interests of the person, and a strategy developed. Every Supported Living Scheme should reflect the diversity of the people living there.

People living in supported living schemes are Tenants of the house they live in – although there are usually special conditions attached to their Tenancy in recognition of their care and support requirements. These special conditions will be adapted to suit the particular individual.

Jigsaw has developed a number of Supported Living Schemes for people with complex and challenging needs. Some people live alone and others live in shared housing schemes.