support for adults

Currently we provide Day Services, Community Support and Domiciliary Care to adults and adolescents whose behaviour challenges existing service provision. We also provide Residential Respite Care in our care home and we develop Supported Living Schemes. Every type of service is tailored to the needs of individuals and reflects the lifestyles and individuality of the person. We provide the type of floating support that’s being commissioned to certain individuals plus an on-call service they can access.

Our aim is to be recognised as a provider that is synonymous with quality and be recognised as a leader in our field by developing creative and innovative opportunities and solutions. We provide a range of support services to people with learning disabilities and associated conditions, such as epilepsy, autistic spectrum disorders, mental health, personality disorders and, in particular and specifically, those with needs that are considered complex. Our aim is to provide services that are bespoke and tailored to the needs of individuals’. This means we aim to build upon peoples’ individual strengths and address those needs within a structure of support and encouragement.

We enjoy a culture that celebrates differences and we actively welcome and accept the diversity of each individual. This philosophy is an integral part of our culture and is evident through the visible and evident diversity of our population.

This is also demonstrated through our commitment to building a framework where a sense of belonging and an atmosphere of tolerance and acceptance are common aspirations.

We are committed to challenging discrimination wherever and whenever it occurs. We believe in the potential of all people and for this reason; we strive to achieve to be both an equal opportunity employer and a provider of services that focus on creating positive, innovative and creative experiences and opportunities to the people we support.

During our 13 years we have developed a learning culture. We learn from our successes, mistakes and from hearing the views and opinions of others – particularly those we support. We strive to stay up-to-date with current practice and we are proud of the fact that we constantly grow, develop and adapt. We have extensive experience of working with people who have Mental Health issues as well as other associated conditions and we continue to learn through working with individuals and assessing the outcomes – on a person by person basis.

Overall we are recognised as being a support provider who is able to achieve excellent outcomes for people particularly people who have been difficult to engage and support or those who have complex needs such as drug and alcohol dependency.